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Passion For Life Counselling with Louise Magee

Infertility Counselling

Having a baby is expected to be a natural process and the desire to give life and have genetic continuity is so important for many couples that when there is a problem it can be devastating. The effect of treatment may challenge the couple relationship and the individuals themselves. Having a BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association) trained therapist support you throughout your treatment journey can help you navigate the ups and downs of the clinical process and stay connected as a couple. Some couples find that fertility treatment brings them closer but others may find that it causes complex relationship challenges.  The clinical process itself is in its nature a very physical one and you may find that you both go through a rollercoaster of investigations, interventions and then treatment depending on the diagnosis. In addition, some couples find that they are not entitled to funding for treatment and so financial stress may also be factored into an already very challenging process.

My training spans the last 20 years and having originally worked as a clinical embryologist at Hammersmith and then Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital I have extensive understanding of assisted reproductive technology. As a fully qualified therapist with a strong scientific background, I can offer you unique therapeutic support together with a safe, non-judgemental therapy space for you to explore your experience before, during and after your treatment whatever the outcome.

Depending on your treatment and the support your clinic offers I can also offer you specific infertility counselling including implications counselling that is a requirement for treatment in line with HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority).

I am experienced in supporting couples who are in crisis and I can help you unravel the complex issues that you may be facing as a couple and individually.

You may experience;            Anxiety and Depression

                                                      Emotional and Physical Pain

                                                      Shock, Grief and Loss

                                                      Isolation and Identity Issues

                                                      Sex and Relationship Difficulties

                                                      Suicidal Ideation

I can support you with physical, emotional, psychological, trauma and sex and relationship issues.  I can also offer mindfulness and embodiment techniques to help support a healthy mind body connection which help to reduce your stress levels. A decrease in stress has been shown to have a significantly positive effect on pregnancy outcome and general wellbeing.

If you choose to work with me we will have an initial 90 minute assessment session where we will sign a therapy contract, briefly go through your clinical history and outline your therapeutic goals. We will then work together in shorter 50 minute sessions on a weekly basis but these can be increased during clinical treatment if necessary.

Therapy costs;

90 minutes £120.00

50 minute session £70.00

I work with heterosexual, same sex couples and transgender couples. I also work with individuals.