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Passion For Life Counselling with Louise Magee


Trauma Therapy

Do you suffer from childhood trauma issues?

Do you struggle to feel anything? Does your body feel blocked and numb?

Do you suffer from chronic unexplained physical pain?

Do you find social situations and relationships challenging?

Do you experience depression, anxiety and panic attacks?

Do you feel that you are not able to know yourself or your personal potential?

Do you struggle with Sex and Relationships?

To be able to manage and overcome the effects of trauma there are a number of techniques that can help significantly. These techniques will be learnt during your therapy sessions so that you can transform childhood wounds and traumas. All techniques are simple and easy to learn and they might include breath work, an active sensory meditation, visualisations, anchoring and grounding techniques. As you become familiar with your body and physical sensations we can explore the underlying psychology and bring new awareness and meaning to your body responses so that you can experience your life in a healthy way.

We will begin therapy by having an extended assessment session during which we will contract our work together and then look at your personal goals for therapy.  Your therapeutic progress will be reviewed on a regular basis, your daily well being and stability will always be a priority.

My fees are £60 for an individual 50 minute session or £70 for a 50 minute couple session. Longer sessions are possible when necessary.