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Passion For Life Counselling with Louise Magee


Intuitive Vibrational Healing

Feeling stuck?

Do you feel like everything goes wrong for you?

Do you have unexplained grief and feelings of loss?

Do you always attract the wrong kind of partner?

I have been an intuitive vibrational healer for many years working both locally and worldwide. Healing energy can transmit by either sitting together or through a hands on process.  Sometimes we will access your ancestors, loved ones who have passed or your spirit and animal guides. Your energy blueprint is as unique as your finger print so your healing will be specific to your psyche and the issues that you bring.

Techniques used include: Chakra healing, Shamanism, Embodiment techniques, Hands on healing, Mindfulness, Grounding techniques, Dual awareness Meditation, Breathwork

Often clients use this kind of healing when they are feeling stuck with talk therapy, it can release new awareness and patterns that can then be cognitively understood and further transformed with talk therapy.

If you would like a healing session it takes upto 2 hours for an individual and upto 3 hours for a couple. Cost of the sessions are £120 individual and £180 per couple.